Are You House Hunting On the Right Site?

House hunting doesn’t have to consist of several opened tabs on your screen; instead, searching for the right home on a housing database makes it easier and accessible to search for the perfect home.

Real estate agencies can offer services in home buying and home selling and provide housing websites as well.

Realtor, Robert De La Garza shares when looking for a house, it’s best to use home searching sites.

“A lot of people always look through Zillow, Redfin or Trulia to look for homes but a lot of the times that is outdated,” said De La Garza.

Many housing sites consist of buying, selling and financing residential homes but are not often bulleted with main attractions. The real estate company provides up-to-date photos, year built and schools nearby for family living.

“Our website is updated every fifteen minutes and has served clients from Rio Grande City to Santa Rosa,” said De La Garza.

He also shares what is an ideal credit score for first-time homebuyers. “[Buyers] should keep their credit score in mind because that’s everything,” he said.

“Credit above 580 and two years worth of tax returns are the basic financial needs when looking for a house or getting qualified.”

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